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BWMamayev.gif (16768 bytes)Report on Russian Trip

A group of 5 Kwasizabantu team members ministered in Russia from 1 to 10 May. The team consisted of: Ferny Jaegle, Benno Neufelt, Irene Schlicksupp, Jonathan Jaegle and Michael Muller.

They left on 30 April to Moscow and from there flew to Samara (see map). In Togliatti (a neighbouring city) where the Lada cars are manufactured, a family camp was held for 4 days. The theme was "A Godly Family Life and How to Bring up Children". There was a good response and he was asked to come again.

On Sunday morning Ferny Jaegle conducted a Holy Communion Service in a local Baptist church. He preached in another Baptist church that afternoon. 91020034.jpg (57340 bytes) 91020032.jpg (53493 bytes)

The Russian True Love Waits team invited Michael Muller and Jonathan Jaegle to speak to the young people about TLW. They spoke in a public school, an institution of Higher Education and a community centre of Samara, and different church and university youth groups.
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From Samara the team travelled to Volgograd which is a distance of approximately 900km. The team was invited to take a service in a Baptist church and a Pentecostal church.

On the last day a youth meeting was held in the Church of the Nazarene where young people from different denominations joined the meeting. The first part was a about TLW (see website and the second part, which was conducted by Ferny Jaegle, had as it's theme "A Biblical Marriage".
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There was a great openness for the Word of God and in the short 10 day visit the team received various new invitations for the future.

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