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Growth of Ministry in Mozambique

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It brings us great joy to observe the working of the Lord in the Inyambane Province of Mozambique. A Kwasizabantu co-worker, Carlos Vilanculos, who trained as a mechanic at Kwasizabantu and has been serving the Lord for some years, has returned to his home area and is preaching the Gospel to the local people there. Over the last year a small congregation has been established and is rapidly growing (two photos above.)

The area is extremely poor and most of the local inhabitants are deeply involved in the occult. In the month of June this year a lady arrived dragging a chain which had been used to tie her down. She was a witch and was suffering the insanity of demon possession. witch_chains.jpg (40678 bytes) (witch arrives with chain attached)

She told Carlos that she had dreamt the night before that she can come to him for help. He explained the way of salvation to her. He carefully described the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and then (with reference to Rom 10:9) he quoted: "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." Carlos asked her: "Do you believe in your heart that Jesus has risen from the dead?" The witch, Mama Florinda, said that she did and they prayed together for salvation and for her sanity to return. She was immediately clear minded and the following day she returned with her daughter whom Carlos also led to the Lord. converted_witch.jpg (57327 bytes) (converted witch with daughter who also received the Lord)

Carlos then counseled Mama Florinda to reveal the works of darkness in her life, especially since she had been so heavily involved in the occult. The went to her hut and she exposed all her witchcraft paraphernalia and fetishes: witch_hut.jpg (55889 bytes) witchcraft_fetishes.jpg (62717 bytes)

She then brought all her occult stuff to be burned in a public service: fire_service.jpg (76909 bytes)

The congregation is growing and a small choir has also been started: moz_choir.jpg (50486 bytes)

Please pray for Carlos and the fledgling congregation. The need in the area is overwhelming. Besides the darkness of the occult there is also extreme poverty and degradation.

Carlos gave this report (with the photographs) when he visited Kwasizabantu Mission recently. He has returned to his home (30 July 2001) with seeds to plant vegetables and some money to buy a goat for breeding. He has great enthusiasm to further the gospel and would appreciate your prayer support.

For more information on previous Kwasizabantu outreach trips to Mozambique click here.

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