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Europe September 2000


(update 21 September):The team in Europe (see photos below) say that the services have been greatly blessed of the Lord.
One of the themes in Switzerland was "Does your life revolve around God or yourself?". Klaus Wunderlich, one of the team members, gave a report about the many who surrendered afresh to the Lord at the services. The meetings there were well attended.
The services in Zell (near Stuttgart, Germany) were also enriching to the many who came.
Services were also held at the Kwasizabantu centre in Lindach.
In Nuremberg the meetings were held in the St Jacob's Church. The pastor there gave an introduction was along the lines of the sermon which followed, preached by Erlo Stegen.
Then, the team went to the former East Germany to a place called Zeitz which is not far from Leipzig. A Methodist / Baptist / Kwasizabantu choir rendered some items. Erlo Stegen preached in the church where Martin Luther had once given three sermons. It is said that people had been so eager to hear Martin Luther that they had climbed step-ladders to get a glimpse of him through the high windows.

Tomorrow (22 September) the meeting will be held in Bensheim at the Park Theatre.


(Update 24 September)  The meetings in Bensheim were a great blessing. On Friday night the theme was "No time for God?" and on Saturday it was "Be strong in the Lord." A choir from different countries sung at the services (see photo below).
        erlo_st.jpg (133594 bytes)     chor1.jpg (111124 bytes)     parkth1.jpg (211529 bytes)(outside the Park Theatre)

Today, 24 September, the Kwasizabantu centre in the Netherlands was opened. A huge crowd gathered to celebrate the official dedication (together with the KSB team from South Africa and various European countries) of "Cederborg" in North Holland. (see photos of centre)

(Update 25 September): The new Kwasizabantu centre was officially opened yesterday. The following report was written M. Mueller: "Yesterday the opening service for the new KSB center,  in the northern part of the Netherlands was held. It   is a wonderful building for conferences and services, and it is in a "good condition". The opening service was done in cooperation with the local reformed church. The Mayor of the town made a brief speech. The Eurochoir sang before Pastor Erlo Stegen preached about 2. Chron 7:12-17; 19-22.
He highlighted three points.
1. The house of God is HIS House. He has chosen a place, so that His name may dwell there. A name reveals a character, in the same way God wants His character to be glorified and revealed in his house. 
2. The house of God is a place where people can come and humble themselves, where they can seek His face and return from their wicked ways. It will bring blessing to the whole area and country.
3. The condition. Where God's people leave his commandments, HE will remove the weeds, so that the people who see this place will wonder and ask themselves what has happen here. And it becomes obvious to everyone that God's children have forsaken the Lord

After the service everyone was invited to have coffee and cake in our new KSB center, many followed the invitation. The weather was fantastic, the
sun was shining.

(Here are the photos of the opening service)

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Thank you for remembering the team in prayer.



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