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4 Day trip to Mozambique (19 - 24 February 2004)

Reportback from the team:

A team of 6 from the mission and two friends from Pretoria went to Carlos in Inhambane from Friday till Monday to minister.
We found Carlos in good health and the work growing slowly but surely. On Saturday morning we spoke at a nearby school about drugs and alcohol. This was an excellent opportunity to bring the Gospel into schools in Mocambique as it is not allowed by law. However, using the issue of drugs the doors were open and we could tell them about the One who came to set the captives free.
In the afternoon a service was held at Carlos' house for a small group and in the evening we showed a film at a nearby village, many people attended.
On Sunday morning a service was held at Carlos' "church" under the trees and finally in the evening we showed the Jesus film to his people and whosoever came from near and far. It was a blessed weekend and a great encouragement for Carlos and his people to know that though they are poor and far away they are not alone, there are Christians who remember them and support them.
Conditions are improving in certain spheres of life and deteriorating in others, the roads are deteriorating rapidly and the drought is causing a shortage of food in the country.
Carlos greets all who know him and asks to be remembered before the Lord continually as the opposition to the Gospel remains strong.

A small team of co-workers left Thursday 19 February for a short visit to KSB co-worker, Carlos Vilanculos, Inyambane Province of Mozambique.

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