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8 Day Trip to Mozambique


The team left at about 14h00 on the 13th from Pelindaba Mission where we met Japie and Tom who provided the two Land Rovers for the trip. We stayed overnight at a brother in Nelspruit and proceeded the next day to Maputo where we stayed with Mario Rocha. The next day we travelled to Inhambane province which is the coconut province. We met Carlos along the road and he led us to his home, it took almost 2 hours to travel the 24 kilometers to his home. The bush is very thick and a Land Rover can barely fit through some places. There had been much rain for the previous week and everything was green. The drought however had left most people with very little to eat. People came throughout the daytime to greet and to attend services and at night we showed the Jesus film and other videos. Some came from up to 7 kilometers on foot to see the films, sometimes only arriving at the end, the loud speaker could be heard that far announcing the service. On Sunday three witchdoctors attended the services and that evening many people accepted Christ as their Saviour.

What really touched us was the appreciation and gratitude that the people displayed because we had come to their remote area to visit them, they would come from far in dire poverty to give us gifts such as paw-paws and corn on the cob. We left Carlos' place early on the 19th and had a good journey back home. Carlos was extremely thankful to everybody who sent help and prayed for him, please continue to pray for him and the converts in his area.

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Packing to leave With Mario in Maputo The road to Carlos
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The road to Carlos Thomas cleaning a fish A small gathering next to the kitchen
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Thomas winning the children Going on an outreach to another area Some of Carlos' family
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A service under a tree Preparing Cashew nuts Sunday service
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Sunday service Sunday service Sunday service
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Preparing lunch Goat brought as gift by Fernando - the man in the middle Slaughtering the goat
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Our choir singing at the evening service Furniture market in Maputo Samora Machel's star in Maputo


A team of 6 has left for Mozambique to minister in the Inhambane Province. Michael Ngubane, John Powys, Thomas Maphanga, De Vos Van Straaten, Japie and Tom Fouche, are due to arrive in Maputo by midday 14 February. A night or two will be spent with Mario Rocha and then the 680 km trip will be made towards the North. Their destination is Nhachengue where they will be preaching for some days.

Please remember them in prayer, for the Lord's protection and His power to be displayed. The Inhambane Province is renowned for it's witchcraft activities and there is much resistance to the Gospel.

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