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John Powys' report on preaching trip in Britain, October 2005

In many places in the U.K. the church can accurately be described as the Lord Jesus described the church in Sardis in Rev chapter 3 ' strengthen that which remains which is about to die'  Most of the churches where I spoke were mainly attended by the elderly, with only a few exceptions. Witchcraft, spiritualism and occultism seems to be the new religion, in one area where I was the church barely has 25 to 30 members but in that week there was a spiritualist seance meeting which was attended by approximately 200 people. The Christians stood outside the seance and handed out literature warning people about the dangers of the occult.

The first meeting was in Bexhill and then  on to the beatiful Isle of Wight, after that I spent a few days in southern Wales in the valley area where once God poured out His Spirit but now darkness seems to prevail.

After Wales I spoke in several house meetings and churches in the east and south east of England. The people were clearly touched by the message, especially the simplicity of the Gospel as well as the seriousness of it. One young couple who truly met the Lord at the conference in May this year underwent such a change in their lives that people in their church were eager to hear the things that they had heard and these people came to the meetings to hear.

After England I visited the brethren in Bensheim, Germany where the Lord blessed our time together.


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