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Hungary Kwasizabantu Mission begins

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The Hungary KSB mission began August 2009. Attila Orban with his wife and 3 children started by getting to know the local people and building relationships.

Szárazd_2010_082.jpg (57177 bytes) The village where they stay is Szarazd which is approximately 140km south of Budapest (about 50km East of the Danube river and 65km East of Balaton. (see map of Hungary here)

A Swiss family, Sepp & Beatrice Koller and their 3 children, helped to Attila to begin the mission.

A major bar which was at the entrance of the Szarazd village was a subject of prayer for its closure. In May 2010 the bar closed. In November the mission could buy it. The photo above is the first service held in the bar. Pastor Hans Koller and the youth choir from Romania, joined in the service.

Two other buildings were acquired. After that the Swiss family built a third building. Now in 2011 there are seven buildings altogether. See photos below of the buildings from different angles.

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Képek_2010_009.jpg (70270 bytes) Attila and his family next to the Balaton lake (80km long and 13km wide at some points). One Europe's largest lakes. (See higher resolution satellite photo here)

People from the village have joined the congregation. Lives are being changed. Local villagers help work in the gardens to help the mission. People from other villages are now participating in the services. There are also many invitations from different churches and schools (which ask for assistance with information about drugs, alcohol and sexual problems).

(for the following photos hold your cursor over the photo to get a brief description)

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Attila Orban's telephone number is: +36 20778 1959.




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