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New KSB branch opened in Loskop (Escourt, in KwaZulu-Natal)

On Saturday 6 September 2014, a new Kwasizabantu branch was opened close to the Drakensberg mounstains in KwaZulu-Natal. The hall is in a rural area of the Loskop vicinity, not very far from Escourt.

A tent was used for the very big crowd because the hall can only seat about 300 people. Inkosi (Chief) Hadebe welcomed Kwasizabantu into his area. Rev Stegen preached and also thanked the local authorities for donating land for the mission.

The KSB congregation at Loskop had been worshipping together in various buildings, the last one being a classroom at a local school. Mr Werne Engelbrecht thanked the Lord for bringing about His thoughts for the Christians there. He had assisted the congregation there for many years when he owned a local shop.

Pastor Michael Ngubane, who mostly visits the congregation to preach there, said that, the Lord willing, a number of agricultural projects will be introduced there.

An airstrip has already been built and the mission plane was able to land there on Saturday. (It takes only 30 minutes by plane compared to 2 hours by car, if one comes from Kwasizabantu.)

The congregation, represented by Nomusa Hadebe, thanked the builders, Michael Ngubane and Rev Stegen, for facilitating and building such a beautiful church. (see photos below)

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Inscription says: Abide in me and I in you

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Erlo Stegen with Inkosi Hadebe and his indunas

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Mr Hadebe, leader of the congregation

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gifts for builders

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Mr W. Engelbrecht

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gift for Inkosi received by his wife

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acknowledgement for Mr Michael Ngubane
DSC04686.JPG (143710 bytes) food for crowds DSC04688.JPG (189931 bytes)
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