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Ministers' Conference

Photos Monday night and Tuesday morning

Photos Tuesday and Wednesday

Brief summaries:



THEME:  Lord, abide with us”


Monday  9 March


17:30   Supper

19:00   Welcome

             Rev Erlo Stegen                              “Lord, abide with us”

             (Director, KwaSizabantu Mission)



Tuesday  10 March

07:30   Breakfast

09:00   Ds Danie Steyn                               “Jesus, stay with us”

             (Former Director, Radio Pulpit)

10:45   Tea

11:15   Rev Michael Ngubane                   “The high Price of Disobedience”

             (Co-worker, KwaSizabantu Mission)

13:00   Lunch

15:30   Dr Albu van Eeden                         “The 21st Century Medical Science and the

(CEO, Doctors for Life International)                                  abiding Presence of God”

17:30   Supper

19:00   Prof.Dr. Jacob Thiessen              “True Forgiveness as Condition for the

                                                                        abiding Presence of God”

             (Dean, Faculty NT, Private Theological University Basel (STH Basel), Switzerland)


Wednesday  11 March

07:30   Breakfast

09:00   Dr. Peter Hammond                       “Lord, abide with us”

(Director, Frontline Fellowship)

10:45   Tea

11:15   Rev Ntokozo Nhlabathi                 “Humility – Prerequisite for His coming in to abide”

             (Chairman, Concerned Young People)

13:00   Lunch

15:30   Bishop Dr. Phillip F. Molefe        

             (Chaplain of the Vaal University of Technology; Bishop of CCCI)

17:30   Supper

19:00   Closing service by Rev Erlo Stegen


Download Programme for Ministers' Conference in Word or PDF


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Dear fellow-servant of the Lord


The next KwaSizabantu Ministers' Conference is confirmed for 9 – 11 March 2015, D.V.  Please make a note in your diary and set this date aside as an important part of your preparation and armoury in the Church’s commission to go forward in victory, preaching the Gospel to all nations.

Our hearts overflow with gratitude to the Lord for all the blessings He has granted us during and since our previous Ministers’ Conference here in South Africa.  Once again we heartily thank everyone who attended, as we were richly blessed by your presence.  Also the conference in Europe last year, followed recently by one at Malelane in the Mpumalanga province where we were all encouraged and inspired to propagate and spread the Gospel as never before.

This invitation to the next Ministers' Conference in South Africa 9 – 11 March (from Monday evening to Wednesday evening) includes yourself, as servant of the Lord, as well as your spouse and any colleagues or friends who are involved in Christian ministry.

When we rebuilt the auditorium after it had burnt down in 2008, we painted the words “Lord, abide with us” in different languages above the pulpit.  We are so dependent upon Him, especially in the times in which we live.  The Emmaus travellers walked with the Lord Jesus, not realizing what was happening, but they were helped and their eyes were opened by inviting Him in (Luke 24:29).   May God grant that as His servants we too will have such close fellowship with the Lord that we will be able to discern the times and be true and faithful watchmen on the walls in a time of much error and deception.


Here are some of the speakers who will be addressing the meetings, the Lord willing:

       Dr Peter HAMMOND                                   Director, Frontline Fellowship

       Rev Ntokozo NHLABATHI                      Co-worker, KwaSizabantu Mission

       Rev Erlo STEGEN                                       Director, KwaSizabantu Mission

       Ds Danie STEYN                                        Former Director of Radio Pulpit

       Prof.Dr. Jacob THIESSEN                         Dean, Faculty New Testament, Private Theolo-

                                                                              gical University Basel (STH Basel), Switzerland

       Dr Albu VAN EEDEN                                  CEO, Doctors for Life International


More details of speakers and their topics will be forthcoming and available on our website: closer to the time.


For attendance, please send an e-mail to or reply by phone or fax (see contact details on the letterhead), providing the names of those who would like to attend, specifying couples, male or female.

Although food and accommodation is freely provided for, we do request that you bring your own bedding, if possible – except those who come by plane.   We will assist those who arrive by plane or bus from far away, with transport to and from the King Shaka International Airport and Durban station / bus-stop.  Please let us know when and where to fetch you.

May God grant that this conference will lead every servant of the Lord into a deeper relationship and closer fellowship with Him.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

In His love


Rev Erlo Stegen

Director: KwaSizabantu Mission

PS.  Should you prefer to receive these invitations and future updates by e-mail, send us a message to our e-mail address, stating which postal address should be replaced by e-mail invitations.


“But they urged Him strongly,

‘Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over.’

So He went in to stay with them.”

(Luke 24:29)



Download the PDF invitations: English, Afrikaans or isiZulu.

Download Programme for Ministers' Conference in Word or PDF


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