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1 – 4 May 2006

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Over 450 delegates were welcomed at the beginning of the Conference, mainly from different countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the Chech Republic and Romania. Others were from Great Britain, South Africa and other countries.


Rev. Erlo Stegen (RSA); Director of KwaSizabantu Mission, South Africa eh_06ch.jpeg (16942 bytes)


More than conquerors


Romans 8:37


The word "conquer" in Greek means more than just to conquer. Paul tries to describe what we are through Him who loved us. God didn’t just make us to be "conquerors", but "more than conquerors".


It is clear that there are things which must be conquered. What is it that we have to conquer? Paul mentions in chapter 8 verse 35: "affliction", which means "distress", "trouble", "hardship" or "suffering" in the original text. These are things which can shake our being. If our Christian life is genuine, then hell will react, because the powers of darkness are aware of danger.

Paul further speaks of "hunger". Perhaps he doesn’t mean only physical hunger. Even if we are hungry we want to be conquerors and faithful to Jesus.

Paul mentions "nakedness" - it might be lack of clothing, but you can also be denuded by things which are outspreaded over your person. Everything will be torn off from you, Paul knew about that. Often they tell half the truth, to expose the preacher.

"Death", "life", "angels", "demons", "the present", "the future", "powers", "height", "depth" – in all these circumstances we are more than conquerors.

Rev 6 verse 2 – here John sees a man who is receiving a crown to go and be victorious. And this hero was victorious indeed. Paul speaks of "more than" conquerors. This is exactly what we can be through Jesus who is risen and speaks for us.

A person who doesn’t know such a life is a preacher without authority and is hell‘s mockery. We should know the victorious life in our families, congregations and on the mission fields.

Mostly we sin with our tongue, but with this same tongue we dare to stand on the pulpit to preach the Gospel.

Are you part of those who are more than conquerors? To be able to answer this question, we need to be like an open book before God. If we are not prepared for that, how will we be able to pass the Gospel on to others?




Rev Bill Bathman (USA), Founder and President of In Touch Mission International  bill_bathman.jpeg (26757 bytes)

Everything … - except for the power

Jeremiah 2:6-13

At the beginning of the chapter God reminds his people about their first love and shows how far they have gone astray.

To understand better the testimony of a man of God it is important to know the time he is living in. Jeremiah lived 40 years before Judah was taken into exile. He warned the people, but they didn’t want to listen. Everything went downwards in the land; the people got used to the strange culture and joined in with the idolatry. Jeremiah mocked their gods.

Israel left God, the Well, and instead they turned to wells that are fragile.   

In John 4:11 a woman sat at a well. That Jesus didn’t have a vessel to draw water, which made her doubt his power. How often we see only the problems and don’t trust God to work in the challenges of the 21st century. But it is our calling to show that His power is unlimited.

In America and Europe the materialistic thinking grows so that even the spiritual life is influenced by it. We refuse to be light and salt to the world. We are involved in an eternal war of good against evil and there can’t be a cease-fire until the King of kings returns.

Equipped with all – but often the power is missing. Yet it is written in Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.” But in our time we miss the power to bring people to Jesus and to convict them of sin!  As a result of this leaking of power we try to imitate the world and water down the Word of God. Sinners then feel themselves entertained, but not anymore convicted.

God calls his people back. Here is a world that ruins itself, millions who go to hell and an almighty God who looks for pastors, evangelist who will share this burden with Him.

In Luke 3:1&2 we see all political, military and religious leaders of that time being mentioned, but Gods Word reached Johannes. Johannes was a man who God could trust. He carried out Gods command fearlessly, even when it cost him his life.  Who is willing with Gods power to be more than conqueror?


Prof A. Vanbeckevort (Belgium) 

Romans 11:16-22

I would like to look at the root of the olive tree which Paul describes in Hebr 5:6-10.  We will understand better what this root means when we look at Melchizedek.  Amongst others the names “King” and “Righteousness” are used for him.  Yet he is not only king and high priest, he is also a prophet.   When he met Abraham he gave him bread and wine (the Lord’s supper).  Now Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father in the order of Melchizedek.

Also Moses and David were kings, priests and prophets.  God’s Word calls the believers “a royal priesthood“.

In Ezekiel 14:12-14 Noah, Daniel and Job are mentioned.  They also show forth the royal and priestly aspects.

Noah – a man who lived in a perverse generation (Gen.8:20).  He built the first altar – which made him to be a priest.  In building the ark he was prophetic, and then he received the royal command to preserve a part of the creation (which made him a king).  He did his work while the people around him were mocking him.   Are you prepared to work while being mocked?

Job – he was rich.  Simultaneously he sacrificed daily for his children, who obviously went into the world (sacrificing was a priestly duty).  In the book Job are also the royal and prophetic parts revealed.  He suffered, lost his possessions, children, his health and reputation.  Yet he held out to the end.

Later Job prayed for his friends.  Are you prepared to love under all circumstances?

Daniel – he was next to the king in Babylon, he was a prophet and at the end of the exile of his people he was priest.  He was sorely tested as a man of prayer, and confronts us with the question: “Are we prepared to be faithful to our faith until death?”

Jesus is our eternal High Priest.  God wants to reveal the royal, priestly and prophetic characteristics in His children.  These characteristics should be found in our hearts as well.

The high priest is directly connected to the Tabernacle (2.Sam.6).  Who understands this verse can’t believe a prosperity Gospel any longer (Hebr.9:4). It speaks about the presence of the ark of the Lord in us.

The budding of Aaron’s staff – The staff budded in the desert. Do you know times of desert in your life? Times in which we are called to be “more than conquerors”? 2 Peter.1:10+11 – we must make our calling sure, so that we don’t stumble. When I was blamed I decided to love and refused to be drawn into discussions.

I can testify that by this decisions Aarons staff more and more was budding in my life.

The tablets of the covenant – God wants to write His law into our hearts and character. The more we have His law in us the stronger the Holy Spirit will remind us of His Word.

Eph.6 – many who read this chapter forget that Paul writes in verse 18 that we should pray for each other in every situation and be watchful. We should pray to receive the Holy Spirit; only then the armour of God will be complete.

Like Job, Noah and Daniel you will become part of the Gods salvation work in this time and nation. Psalm 110: the time will come that people will hear.


Florent Varak (F) varak.jpeg (21752 bytes)

Matt 26:36-46

Col 2:15  -  Even the devil was deprived from his power and conquered at the Cross.

Rom 6:6  -  our old nature is crucified and in the Holy Spirit we have a Comforter who will be for always with us.

Gethsemane means “oil press”. It was there that the Lord Jesus went through the last struggle/ battle (verse 36-38). Lukas writes that here the Lord’s sweat turned into drops of blood. Only three of His disciples were with Him, but they slept.   He was alone.  But the toughest suffering for Him was in the knowledge “the time has come that I will be made sin” and so He would drink the cup 2 Cor 5:21.  In a moment’s time the wrath of God would be poured out over Him.

This text is to me the most beautiful example of a magnificent victory.  A victory over one’s own emotions, culminated in the prayer: “Not My will, but Your will be done.”  Can you pray like that?  I don't mean the prayer: “Lord, give me a Rolls Royce, but not my will be done.”  That kind of prayer canno be compared to the one which God has preserved for us.

Verse 41:  Here is the advice of the Lord Jesus to His disciples: “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.” What Jesus says here means a continuous watching.  We are called to watch because we don't know when Jesus returns.  An admonition which is found over and over in the New Testament (1 Cor 16:13; Rev 16:15).

We recognize the extent of Christ' obedience (verse 45+46). The Lord Jesus wasn't handed over to the Romans, Jews or Pilate, but He was handed over to sinners.  He was obedient to the divine salvation plan of the Father.

A lesson we learn here:   In 1 Cor 10:13 God promised that He will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear.  If everything goes well in our lifes we are in danger to quickly lose our dependence on God.  That is why I need some burdens to teach me to pray: “Lord, not my will, but Your will be done.”

Let us learn in truth to pray this prayer, so that we will become conquerors.


Rev Friedel Stegen (RSA) fh_06ch.jpeg (18064 bytes)


Victory in Christ

2 Cor 2:14

Through the victory which we are given from God, He reveals the fragrance of knowing Him. Because of this victory it will be obvious that we know God. God said to Abraham: "I know you". Do we know this intimate fellowship with Jesus? I am aware of the fact that no sacrifice was too big for my God, to save me. Now my life should be a testimony that Christ lives in me.

Jesus was a man with sympathy for His people. Are you touched by the condition of the youth, of the broken families? Are we able to help young people out of their desire for friendships, sports, cars, etcetera, that we can lead them to the point that Jesus will have the first place in their hearts? We will only be able to help those people as soon as we can testify: "We are more than conquerors".


Jesus Himself said to His listeners: "Everything the Scribes say to you, do it." We can also pass on the right message. But then Jesus continues: "Don’t do what they live." It is impossible that I preach that people should live holy to the Lord and I myself don’t live a holy life.


If a person comes in a family in which conquerors live, than one can feel a special atmosphere. It is the same in a congregation, where God is present. Whoever comes in this congregation, gladly bows his knees before the living God.


We are called to live in a new life. What a Gospel, that we can proclaim: "Lord Jesus, You are the Conqueror!"


Pastor Gilbert Léonian (France) gilbert.jpeg (19085 bytes)


Seven Steps to Victory – Gideon, the true Hero of God

Judges 6:1-6



Judges 6:1-6


God would like to make a victor of every single Christian.  Hebr 11:33 – I would like to look at one man. He was a man like us, but God made him to be a fighter, shepherd and leader after the heart of God – Gideon.


The seven steps are:


1 – To face the enemy with courage.

2 – God seeks people whom He can prepare for His service.

3 – God prepares the individual in their families and own homes. 

4 – God creates the conditions needed for being part of His army.

5 – God equips His army.

6 – God leads us to victory and shows us His strategy. 

7 – After the victory, rest in God.


Israel was in the land of milk and honey.  Joshua had received the promise that no enemy would conquer Israel.  His nation only shouldn’t deviate from the Word of God.



Philip Bell (Great Britain) bell.jpeg (23425 bytes)


Worldview conflicts & the importance of Creation – Answers from Genesis

2 Cor 10:3-5

It is God who works in the heart of men and changes it through the Holy Spirit, but still Paul urges us here to convince people to demolish arguments.
An important discussion is the theory of evolution and it is important to have arguments for the creation. Many reject the Bible as the true Word of God. If we believe it, it is important to believe everything right from the beginning. Not only that the Bible contains the Word of God, but also that it is the Word of God. How can we believe that Jesus has been born from a virgin as well as believe in the resurrection, when we doubt the creation?

Why does the society of today doubt at the Bible and God? People let their feelings lead them. They see with their feelings and hear with their eyes.
A rejection rules, an unbelief towards the absolute.
The Christian teaching is separated from its historical foundation. When the foundation of a teaching is wrong or absent or when a congregation compromises, then the education has lost its function.

Prov. 30:12 Living sexually pure before marriage - yes, but that was meant for the time Proverbs was written in… When you think in such a way you don’t believe the Bible to be God’s Word. Which arguments do we give for believing the only marriage God has assigned is between husband and wife?

Charles Darwin has said: “A person who doesn’t have a personal relationship with God, who doesn’t believe in judgment and reward, can only let his impulses and instincts lead him and follow the strongest person or the one who he likes the best.

Darwin didn’t receive a scientific education; he studied at a Preachers seminar, but turned his back upon God’s Word.
And through his teaching for centuries many believed the evolution theories. They believed that everything developed from nowhere.

Today we see the results: young people who are lost, who even commit suicide. Suicide is in many European countries the second death cause amongst youth in the age of 16-25 years.

But if we believe that God has created Adam and we are his descendants, our lives get a course.
Jes. 33:22 most Christians accept God as King and Savior, but He is also Judge and Lawgiver.

How can we restore the faith and trust in the Bible?

We must be convinced of what God in the creation as well as in His Word says. Even when we maybe don’t understand all still we can believe it.
Jes. 66:2 When last have we trembled for God’s Word?
It doesn’t matter what kind of scientific background we have got, we must turn to God’s Word and bow under it.

Genesis is the foundation of the Christian faith. Simultaneously in Genesis is found the foundation for the 7-day week, curse, Jesus as the last Adam, the first and second coming etc.

Concerning marriage - in Math.19:4+5 Jesus takes the Pharisees, who came to ask about marriage, back to the origin of marriage. God created a man and a woman.
Mark 10:6 It was right at the beginning of the creation, not after many years, immediately in the beginning God created men.

Acts 3:19-21 Peter, Zachariah, Mark, Luke and Jesus testify that men exist from the beginning of the creation.

Concerning the topic of death - the one that believes in Evolution believes that death is part of the earth and life from the beginning.
The Bible teaches us that death came into the world only through sin - it was not planned (Rom. 5:12).

God’s judgment “and see, it was good” can’t be pronounced over a creation which is developing and improving.

Important is the foundation of our faith. We may not build our Christianity on the Evolution theory.

The Bible should be the foundation and guide in every part of our lives and even in the science (1 Kor. 2:4+5).

More info on:


Dr Peter Hammond (RSA) phammond.jpeg (22488 bytes)


A new Reformation!

Judges 2:10-14; 3:1,2+4


Also in Europe a new generation has grown up who doesn’t know their spiritual roots anymore. This fact takes their power to resist the threat of Islam. Secularism, humanism and hedonism have starved Europe on moral, spiritual and ethic region.
Instead of building on the rock of the Biblical doctrine the generation of today builds on the sand of relativism. This situation has many parallels to the Europe before the Reformation.
Where Europe separates itself from its Christian roots, it inevitable separates itself from blessings like freedom, productivity and prosperity. At the moment Europe is living on blessings which are borrowed.
We must learn from history and understand the signs of our time.

Europe is standing before an Islamic Revolution: the European women have an average of 1,5 children, the Muslim women in Europe of 6-8 children.
History shows that the future belongs to those who are fertile.

Many people tend to react on this situation with one or other extreme: either they don't see the problem or they don't have any hope.

Our answer to the problem is the same as in those days: We need a Reformation which will bring Europe back to the Bible.

Those who don't accept Christianity haven't got the power to resist to other spiritual movements. This is the current problem, but how can we be more than conquerors in this crisis? We must realize the situation and use God’s weapons: the Bible, evangelism, the power of prayer.

The Gospel has the power to save all. Our commission and that of our congregations is to lead people to Jesus. And we must do it without fear of men - only fearing God and to love Him with all our hearts.
Let us work and pray for a new Reformation.
Ps 85:6 "Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?"


Rev Ndaba Mazabane (RSA) mazabane.jpeg (16904 bytes)


The conquering family: building up a godly heritage in a godless society

Proverbs 13:23


The strength to conquer doesn’t come from us, but from God.
I would like to see the family as the place where we conquer. I believe that it’s God’s intension that parents leave a lasting impression on the children. We have the responsibility to carry on our shoulders those people in front of whom we live our lives - especially our children.
Today most cultures turn away from God, but we by serving them must bring them back to God. For example David, he served God and was used by God in his time.

A survey by Barner shows us how little difference there is in the daily life of born-again Christians and non-Christians.
The fact is extreme sad. The church fails to live their faith in a convincing manner.
The Gospel confronts us with the truth and can change our lives, but I am concerned that our lives don’t correspond with the faith, because we lack depth.
The discipleship and getting deep roots must start in the family. The family is the heart of society.
Do we bring, as shepherds, the situation of the families in our country, in our congregations to God? Do we have a message for them?

As parents we must….
keep holy the hope we have in God and trust God in difficulties
to build up the families upon God’s faithfulness and love Him with all our hearts
pass God’s Word on to our children (Deutr.11:18+19)
put the family at the first place
recognize the time we live in and lead our children in this time

How can we show our children what God has prepared for them?
Let us learn from the eagles:

they build their nests at heights. Symbol of homes being a sure refuge for children.
they are faithful for life to their partners. Symbol how God wants our marriages to have a binding character.
Their young receive food appropriated their size. Symbol of every child needs its individual upbringing.

2 Kor.2:14+15 No place spread so strongly an atmosphere, a fragrant as a home.

How does a fragrant develop?

A = Affection
To touch the children shows them we love them.

R = Respect
In the Bible children are called to respect their parents. The parents also can work for their respect.

O = Order
Children need rules and regularity.

M = Merriment
In the family one should laugh and enjoy.

A = Affirmation
The tongue of the wise bring healing.


Rev Erlo Stegen (RSA) eh_06ch.jpeg (16942 bytes)


Do not stand in God’s way - let Him have free sway in your life


1 Corinthians 15:58

After the murder on Julius Caesar, Octavius ruled the Western area and Marcus Antonius the Eastern part. Marcus fell in love with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra in spite of having a loyal wife. Finally a war broke out between the armies of Octavius and of Marcus Antonius. Marcus became an alcoholic although he had been a good war-strategist.

During the naval war Cleopatra was watching from her own ship. Then she received the message that the ship of Marcus Antonius was burning and that he was dead. After that Cleopatra fled. Amidst the fighting Marcus Antonius saw Cleopatra leaving her ship and therefore he left his ship and his soldiers, hurrying to Egypt, despite the pleas of an officer to stay: "Your soldiers need you now – the situation is critical". He didn’t heed anything but just wanted to go to Cleopatra, but after his arrival there, he didn’t want to see anybody, not even Cleopatra. She knelt before him and asked him for forgiveness, saying: "I was told you were dead. Where should I have gone to?" Antonius answered: "You are right, indeed I am dead, because Marcus Antonius died as he left the battlefield. Now you ask for forgiveness, but before whom should I kneel? Once you told me: `You can make anything your master, except your love’."

Later Marcus Antonius committed suicide.

A Lutheran hymn says: "This Man on the Cross is my love". Jesus Himself said: "He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me!" Proclaiming the Gospel we ought to teach the people to keep the commands of Jesus Christ. They should become people who are more than conquerors.

Before the Revival began, I had to ask myself: "Am I prepared for God to be my Lord and Master? ". In God’s Word He is called "Master" over 600 times. Jesus asked: "Why do you call Me `Master’ and don’t do what I tell you!" The word "Master" means that His word is decisive and He alone determines the way and the price. No organisation can take this place.

How difficult is it for us to bow. A German proverb says: "The will of a man is his heaven". But the person who can’t pray, "Not my will but Your will be done", won’t find himself in heaven.

Also our motives in God’s service must be holy. If there is repentance only to get a better position than it is not the same as if one confesses "I have sinned" (2 Chron 7:14).

We experience in these days in South Africa that young people reach thousands with the Gospel. One young person said to me: "If we wouldn’t have been converted, God would have demanded the blood of these people out of our hands". God wants to work, but he only can do it if the way is prepared. The Almighty God is waiting for you to prepare the way for Him. How can we reach the nations without a revival? Through the work of the Holy spirit it should not be difficult for us drawing people to Jesus. Our eyes, tongue, feet, hands – everything should be penetrated with the Holy Spirit.


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