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(Brief report: A full Auditorium was a joy to experience as thousands streamed in to celebrate Erlo Stegen's 60th Celebration of Ministry. Preachers, co-workers, politicians and KSB representatives from all over the world, gave thanks to God for the way in which He has used Erlo Stegen these past 6 decades. Erlo Stegen said that when He heard about the planned celebration (from co-worker, Lydia Dube) he knew that he must be the first to express his thankfulness to the Lord. He quoted from the story of the 10 lepers in Luke 17. Only one returned to thank the Lord Jesus. Erlo said that he wants to be that one healed leper. All thanks and honour belong the our Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done. The almost 7 hours service had an atmosphere of infectious joy. In the evening service a new one hour video about Erlo Stegen's life, was shown to the audience. If you would like to order a copy send an email to

1. Click here to see recent newspaper article about Rev Stegen

2.To see downloadable book by Rev Stegen, `Revival Among the Zulus', in different languages, click here

3. For see and copy a few photos of Erlo Stegen, through the years

Pastor Erlo Stegen has been preaching for a little over 60 years. The special celebration of these 60 years has been organised to take place on Saturday 17 December 2011. All are welcome. Read the article below, be Dr Peter Hammond, summarizing Erlo Stegen's ministry. The anniversary coincides with the KwaSizabantu Youth Conference from 11 to 18 December.

(more photos and updates to come)




60 Incredible Years of Ministry

This year Rev. Erlo Stegen celebrates 60 years in ministry. Probably no man of God in South Africa since Andrew Murray has had such Revival blessings accompany his ministry. The Revival in Zululand since 1966 has resulted in spectacular conversions of witchdoctors, murderers and people from every walk of life, transformed lives and launched dynamic ministries throughout the world.


When Erlo Stegen was converted he lost all interest in parties, dances and the obsession to make money. The things of the world receded and the promises of the Scripture became very precious. After studying in Bible school, Erlo Stegen preached amongst the Zulus for 12 years and although thousands responded to his calls for public commitment to Christ, he was deeply disappointed in his ministry.

Hunger for Holiness

Erlo Stegen hungered for Holiness and sought the Lord for Revival. He could not reconcile his experience, and those of his converts, with the Biblical standard in the Book of Acts. "The early Church didn't tolerate sin, they had no room and no time for sin, and dealt with it most severely. We worship God and tolerate sin in our midst!"

Revival Fire

Through much Bible study, soul searching, intensive prayer and agony of heart, Erlo Stegen sought the Lord for Revival. It was Christmas 1966, when the Revival broke out at Maphumulo. They were praying in a cow shed when they heard a noise like a great wind. "Everybody was conscious of the presence of God. All I could do was bow down and worship the God of Heaven." Rev. Erlo Stegen observes: "When I was seeking God for Revival, I expected Him to start with the heathen, instead, He started with the biggest sinner of all - me." "Revival is not churches filled with people, but people filled with God." "The Holy Spirit is not recognised through signs and wonders, but by His Holiness."


Then a witch, who was in charge of a training school for witches, came to the young missionary. She said: "I need Jesus. Can He save me? I am bound with the chains of hell. Can He break these chains?" Erlo Stegen and his co-workers began to sing hymns of victory, of the Risen Christ, the Mighty Victor who has overcome the devil, conquered sin and death, paid the price with His own Blood! As they sang, the woman flung herself on the ground on her hands and knees, and the evil spirits left her. She was transformed and shone like a saint: "Jesus has set me free! Jesus has broken these chains of hell!".

Transformed Lives

Soon hundreds of sick, troubled and demon-possessed people were came in to Rev. Stegen for counsel and prayer. Hardened sinners wept like children. "It was as if the Day of Judgment had dawned. The conviction went so deep that some of them couldn't believe that Jesus could forgive them. They came with tears and they left with joy. Their lives were changed and all things became new."


Testimonies of healings, deliverances and transformed lives spread like wild-fire and soon the little Zulu congregation in Maphumulo had to move to a larger location, at what is today called KwaSizabantu (the place where people are helped). Today the Mission has buildings that can house 4,500 people, but it constantly has the problem of too little accommodation. The auditorium at KwaSizabantu Mission can seat 10,000 people. The Mission station is a hive of activity: Intensive farming in hothouses, a vast spring water bottling plant, a Dairy which produces one of South Africa's most successful dairy products, a bakery, a clinic, a Teacher Training College which provides a four year Degree, Radio Khwezi, one of the largest Christian community radio stations in the country, and the Domino Servite School, which has had the distinction of producing some of the top students in the country.

International Ministry

KwaSizabantu Mission is one of the most extraordinarily successful Mission stations on the continent of Africa. Rev. Erlo Stegen, and his team of over 150 missionaries, have established mission stations, schools and congregations throughout South Africa, and as far afield as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Romania and Russia.

Rev. Erlo Stegen teaches: "The first thing that happens when the Holy Spirit comes into a person's life is that He convicts that person of sin. There is brokenness. The Word of God comes alive. It smites us and pierces our heart. The Word of God is like a hammer that breaks the rocks into pieces. We cannot worship God and tolerate sin in our midst. We need to get serious with God and His Word."

Tugela River Valley Mission  

On a recent visit to KwaSizabantu Mission, I had the privilege of joining Rev. Erlo Stegen on a visit to their thriving new Mission Outreach at Maqhogo in the Tugela River Valley. We had to descend over 2,500 feet from KwaSizabantu to the valley, which was barely 500 feet above sea level. The dramatic rise in temperature was startling.

The Mission's impact on the communities and landscape in the valley was astounding. In areas where the local people said that only thorn bushes could grow, Erlo Stegen and his co-workers have successfully planted, and harvested, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, and every kind of vegetable. It was crystal clear where the Mission outreaches were, each was an oasis in the wilderness.

Everywhere we travelled the people warmly welcomed Uncle Erlo with great joy and broad smiles. Their respect and affection for Rev. Erlo Stegen was overwhelming. The local people told us how Uncle Erlo had provided them with jobs, food, hope and the Gospel. "The government promised us so much, but we got nothing. No roads, no electricity and no plumbing. Now, since Mkhulu (Grandfather) Stegen came our children have enough food, we have work, we have money and we have joy in God."

Through the initiative and energy of KwaSizabantu missionaries, roads have been repaired, farms irrigated, and much of the wilderness has been turned into a paradise. A Thriving church has already been established in this once witchcraft dominated area.

Best Seller on the Revival in KwaZulu Back in Print

A new updated edition of the classic God Among the Zulus book has been published. This inspiring book includes 23 rare colour pictures of the cowshed in Mapumulo where God's mighty Revival blessings were poured out upon the prayer meeting, pictures of KwaSizabantu Mission in the early 1980s, the first co-workers group, fire services, the KwaSizabantu choir, youth conferences and aerial photographs of the growth of the Mission.

God Among the Zulus

Author Dr. Kurt Koch has ministered in over 100 countries, lecturing at universities, seminaries, Bible schools and Churches on all 5 continents. God Among the Zulus is one of Dr. Kurt Koch's over 100 books and brochures. There have been over 96 translations of Dr. Kurt Koch's books into foreign languages. Dr. Koch has been acclaimed as one of the world's leading authorities on demonology, the occult and on true and false Revivals. He has visited and investigated many Revival sites around the world and critically investigated spiritual movements.

God Among the Zulus particularly focuses on the mighty move of God experienced between 1966 and 1976. It is an inspiring account of spiritual warfare, answers to prayer, deliverances from bondage, healings, conversions and transformed lives.

This bestselling book has long been out-of-print, but much in demand. Christian Liberty Books is pleased to make available, for a new generation, this classic book of a genuine and dynamic Revival which continues to impact multitudes of lives to this day.

For more information on KwaSizabantu Mission, to invite a missionary speaker, or to arrange to visit the Mission, contact KwaSizabantu Mission: 032-481-5500;; or visit

The God Among the Zulus book (270 pages with 23 colour pictures) is available at R60 a copy (excluding postage) from:

Christian Liberty Books
PO Box 358 Howard Place 7450
Cape Town South Africa.
Tel: 021-689-7478


Kwasizabantu Tape Room
Box 252
Kranskop 3268
Tel: 032 4815709


ksb_article_thumb.jpg (97971 bytes) newspaper article about Erlo Stegen and Kwasizabantu at Magqogo in the Tugela Valley (pdf version here)


Downloadable book, `Revival among the Zulus', by Erlo Stegen, in different languages

Revival Among the Zulus E.H. Stegen (or right click here to download a version in Word format) "Erweckung unter den Zulus" - Buch zum Download; Kostenloser Download des Buches "Erweckung unter den Zulus (6.Aufl.)" als PDF-Datei. Weitere Bücher erhältlich über die Homepage der Bibel- und Schriftenmission. Lesen sie was Erlo Stegen über den Beginn der Erweckung schreibt. [Download 428kb] Or in Russian, in Portuguese (Word format), in Chinese, and now a Korean version, and in Spanish (in Word).


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