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Restoration of Auditorium 2009

Since then there are quite a few things to be finished off - click here for the occassional update.
10 to 12 April - Easter and Celebration services

The miracle of the rebuilding of the Auditorium with new footage and sound. The film is in reasonably high quality AVI format and is 187megs in size. Some photos of the building of the previous auditorium, in black and white.

Aerial photos: aerial_view_new_auditorium1.JPG (105876 bytes)  aerial4_distant.jpg (76794 bytes)  aerial_view_new_auditorium3.JPG (113804 bytes)  aerial_view_new_auditorium4.JPG (112184 bytes)

Opening services and Easter, 10 to 12 April: glorious celebration and Easter services 11april_audience.jpg (78863 bytes) 11april_eh.jpg (53786 bytes) opening_back.jpg (111203 bytes) Opening of Auditorium 10 to 12 April
Progress by 8 April: sound system, flower-beds around foundations, carpet stage dsc07190.jpg (69964 bytes) dsc07207.jpg (73321 bytes) dsc07231.jpg (105659 bytes) 6-8 April
Progress by 4 April: sound system goes up sound_system1.jpg (67332 bytes) sound_system7.jpg (57171 bytes) sound_boards2.jpg (47384 bytes) more 4 April
Progress by 3 April: benches complete; glass doors, etc final_benches.jpg (89575 bytes) glass_entrance.jpg (80097 bytes) pulpit_wood_frans.jpg (55271 bytes) more photos by 3 April
Progress by 28 March: outside beams covered; accoustics beams_covered_outside3.jpg (64995 bytes) erecting_accoustic_boards_back.jpg (61584 bytes) moving_stained_benches.jpg (113217 bytes) 27 and 28 March
Progress by 26 March: Stucco plastering and benches being laid out dsc06962.jpg (108970 bytes) dsc07022.jpg (43043 bytes) dsc07014.jpg (86330 bytes) more progress by 26 March
Progress by 24 March: Stucco plastering and benches being laid out dsc06957.jpg (76588 bytes) dsc06958.jpg (46298 bytes) more photos by 24 March
Progress by 21 March: passages complete & benchs stained in tent birdview_of_progress_by21marcch.jpg (65571 bytes) dsc06876.jpg (104455 bytes) staining_benches_in_tent.jpg (109851 bytes) click here for more photos by 21 March
Progress by 18 March: more concrete pouring for passages & staining benches dsc06811.jpg (90288 bytes) dsc06817.jpg (61345 bytes) dsc06826.jpg (58556 bytes) more photos for 18 March
Progress by 17 March: trucks arrive to pour cement through pipes for passages dsc06779.jpg (52091 bytes) dsc06782.jpg (68030 bytes) dsc06809.jpg (67686 bytes) more photos on 17 March
Progress by 14 March: finishing levels and preparing for steps: dsc06725.jpg (64916 bytes) dsc06735.jpg (67464 bytes) dsc06738.jpg (53167 bytes) for more on 14 March click here

Progress from 12 to 13 March
: The different floor levels are almost complete (80% covers heating wires for warming - and the skylights are there for cooling and natural light). The windows are now being inserted - the shatterproof glass and aluminium are constructed together at a mission project
(for more on the raising of the first beams click here)
see photos about benches here and glass here
dsc06700.jpg (62681 bytes) dsc06702.jpg (85083 bytes) for more on 12 to 13 March click here dsc06698.jpg (107025 bytes)
Progress from 9 to 11 March: With the roof having being completed there is now the tough work of cementing each level for the benches and installing the windows (and plastering and putting "stucco" on the walls.
dsc06651.jpg (111991 bytes) dsc06657.jpg (103985 bytes) dsc06662.jpg (99088 bytes)
dsc06654.jpg (73504 bytes) dsc06661.jpg (90079 bytes)
dsc06663.jpg (76381 bytes) dsc06680.jpg (71024 bytes) dsc06681.jpg (101266 bytes)
dsc06683.jpg (73300 bytes) windows_inserted.jpg (89312 bytes)
cement_mixing.jpg (114037 bytes) pouring_cement_over_heated_area.jpg (90106 bytes) cementing_below_stage.jpg (88854 bytes) tunnel_side_view.jpg (69904 bytes) 6 to 8 March

for photos of previous days see below

An interesting note on the financial aspect: By God's grace we have never resorted to appealing for funds to help restore the Auditorium. It has been Kwasizabantu's policy from the begining of the revival not to ask for money or hold collections (by that, not condeming those churches who have different circumstances and feel they should do things differently). Nevertheless, the outpouring of love from God's children all over the world has been breathtaking. Many individuals and sometimes whole denominations (often with no connection to Kwasizabantu at all) have collected money and sent it to us to help restore the Auditorium. We are deeply humbled by the generosity of God's children and we see the amazing "resurrection" of the Auditorium as a miracle of God. Those who contributed, often anonymously, (despite receiving no requests or prayer letters hinting about our needs) have been moved by the Lord and we pray God's abundant blessings upon them, in this world and in eternity.


birds_eye_view.jpg (86543 bytes)bird's eye view skylight_underneath_with_cool_light_globe.jpg (50639 bytes) skylight3_from_top.jpg (57853 bytes)skylights underground_heating_wires.jpg (121241 bytes) for more on 5 March
27feb_audience.jpg (118646 bytes) beni_others.jpg (98794 bytes) mist_possible_rain_looms_late_afternoon.jpg (59214 bytes) dsc05985.jpg (59042 bytes) more photos on 27 February
26feb_almost_last_roofing.jpg (67076 bytes) 26feb_gaps_above_for_perspex_heat_&_cold_lift.jpg (64348 bytes) 26feb_last_roofing_boards.jpg (97558 bytes) 26feb_downunder.jpg (52775 bytes) more photos on 26 February
25feb__klaus_helping.jpg (81776 bytes) 25feb_good_weather_for_3rdsection.jpg (94603 bytes) 25feb_pan.jpg (92401 bytes) 25feb_roof_sealed.jpg (70890 bytes) more photos on 25 February
Tuesday 24 February 24feb_side beam.jpg (91615 bytes) 24feb_side beam2.jpg (114411 bytes) 24feb_side_auditorium.jpg (114900 bytes)
These top 3 photos are unique in that this is the very last beam to go up and the cranes (hired at a great expense per day) can now go. For more photos of 24 February click here


There has been tremendous background work for some months on the restoring of the Auditorium which burnt down in an accidental fire last year 2008. (see photos of benches and windows)

The very visible signs of the restoration are now beginning to happen. Since 26 January the floor of the Auditorium is being repared. Also, the entrance of the mission road (from the R74) has being greatly expanded to allow the "abnormal load" trucks which will be bring in the very long laminated-wood beams shipped in from Europe, via Antwerp harbour in Belgium. The ship's arrival date in Durban is set for 30 January and, after customs, it will be a huge venture to get the beams to the mission. Some of the main R74 road has to be quickly repaired and the entrance to the mission expanded because of the abnormal load trucks which will deliver the beams. There will be 32 main beams (6 on each main load) and 2 narrow beams for the sides. The sheer length of the beams is mind boggling. Each beam will be joined to another to complete an arch (only 2 beams per arch covering 60 metres). There will also be 6 containers of other parts of the building.

The photos below are mostly self-explanatory. Just hold your mouse over the picture and you'll see the name of the photo. There will be so many photos soon that we will have to categorize them onto different photo pages. For the moment we will put thumbnails for you to look at (click on the image to see full size).


20 February - 17.00hrs - last beam went up 20feb_going_up_last_beam1.JPG (581726 bytes) 20feb_going_up_last_beam2.JPG (530007 bytes) 20feb_going_up_last_beam3.JPG (507763 bytes)
20feb_going_up_last_beam4.JPG (629616 bytes) 20feb_going_up_last_beam5.JPG (427905 bytes)
20feb_singing_while_last_beam_went_up.JPG (611232 bytes) 20feb_going_up_last_beam6.JPG (445072 bytes) 20feb_first_cross_beam_beteen_last_2beams.JPG (385913 bytes)

20 February - morning

20feb_backside_auditorium.jpg (96989 bytes) 20feb_beam13_goes_up1.jpg (94812 bytes) 20feb_beam13_goes_up2.jpg (75129 bytes)
20feb_connecting_2beams_together.jpg (55490 bytes) 20feb_inserting_electric_floor_heating_system1.jpg (97774 bytes) 20feb_inserting_electric_floor_heating_system2.jpg (126912 bytes)
20feb_inside.jpg (131502 bytes) 20feb_dangerous_job.jpg (84232 bytes) 20feb_side_auditorium.jpg (93377 bytes)

19 February - Last beam of the middle section went up at 17.00hrs, despite some rain

19feb_preparing_beam.jpg (111399 bytes) 19feb_beau_up.jpg (107265 bytes) 19feb_putting_beam_up1.jpg (89692 bytes)
19feb_putting_beam_up2.jpg (61086 bytes) 19feb_putting_beam_up3.jpg.jpg (93653 bytes) 19feb_putting_beam_up4.jpg (115432 bytes)
19feb_rev_E_Stegen.jpg (80663 bytes) 18feb.jpg (66735 bytes) 18feb_closing_roof1.jpg (94047 bytes)
18 February 18feb_progress1_auditorium.jpg (89473 bytes) 18feb_vieuw_new_auditorium1.jpg (104987 bytes)
For more photos of 18 Feb click here
17 February 17feb_6th_beam.jpg (81213 bytes) 17feb_6th_beam1.jpg (96704 bytes) 17feb_6th_beam10.jpg (62195 bytes)
17feb_6th_beam11.jpg (84770 bytes) 17feb_6th_beam12.jpg (76415 bytes) 17feb_6th_beam2.jpg (93223 bytes) For more photos of 17 February click here

16 Feb
16feb_4thbeam_noon.jpg (59901 bytes)
16 Feb early afternoon
16feb_old_young_appreciate_progress.jpg (52847 bytes) (for more photos of the 16th Feb, with the 5 beams with cross-beams and the ceiling boards, click here)
16feb_5thbeam_245pm.jpg (44548 bytes)
16feb_cross_beams.jpg (70250 bytes) 16feb_5thbeam_finer_details.jpg (97277 bytes)
14feb_securing_ceiling_board.jpg (56911 bytes)
13jan_first_beams_lifted.jpg (94744 bytes) 13jan_almost_there.jpg (90364 bytes) 13jan_gotcha.jpg (49011 bytes) (for more on 13 Feb erection of first beams click here)
040209beams_arrive_ksb3.jpg (68766 bytes) 040209_arrival_beams_cranes_etc22.jpg (90077 bytes) 040209_arrival_beams_cranes_etc37.jpg (82920 bytes) 27jan_facing_south.jpg (109455 bytes)more photos of arrival of beams, containers, 4 & 5 Feb, see here
benches.jpg (98547 bytes) benches12.jpg (90896 bytes) benches11.jpg (71975 bytes)
beams_overseas1.JPG (47471 bytes) beams_overseas2.jpg (23614 bytes)Antwerp harbour in Belgium
resetting_floor4_26jan09.jpg (56107 bytes) beams_overseas4.jpg (23113 bytes) 27jan_new_and_old_benches.jpg (60235 bytes)
resetting_floor1_26jan09.jpg (52029 bytes) resetting_floor2_26jan09.jpg (66517 bytes)
27_stone_cutting.jpg (83525 bytes) 27_various_teams.jpg (91163 bytes) 27jan_dustyness_cutting_stone.jpg (81514 bytes)
27jan_facing_west_27jan.jpg (86515 bytes)
27jan_foundational_beams_ready_for_wooden_beams.jpg (103399 bytes)32 foundations with steel 3 metres deep ready for beams 27jan_steel_beam_deep_in_foundation.jpg (101988 bytes) 27jan_some_equip2.jpg (83289 bytes)
27jan_stage_extended.jpg (111657 bytes) 27jan_some_equip.jpg (84203 bytes)
27jan_lush_garden_outside_auditorium.jpg (132579 bytes)lush gardens around auditorium


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